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Forklift-Simulator products are made in the USA and globally recognized

Used by leading companies and schools


<mark>Motion Enabled VR Order Picker-Simulator<mark/>

Motion Enabled VR Order Picker-Simulator

Premiering the Hyster Order Picker on a 6DOF motion platform at the Modex 2018 show in Atlanta.

Come visit us at booth C2145 and learn more about our newest innovations.

<mark>Forklift-Simulator in London</mark>

Forklift-Simulator in London

In collaboration with Arrow XL – the leading shared-user 2-man home delivery company in the UK – we attended the ‘The Delivery Conference‘ in London. Where we demo’d our CB Forklift-Simulator.
<mark>The worlds first VR Reach Truck</mark>

The worlds first VR Reach Truck

Check out our new video featuring the worlds first VR Reach Truck-Simulator!
See it here

<mark>Going Down under with Woolworths</mark>

Going Down under with Woolworths

“Leveraging the latest Virtual Reality technology in our Forklift simulators because we care deeply about the safety of our team members in Supply Chain.”
– Woolworths Group on LinkedIn

<mark>MMH on VR training</mark>

MMH on VR training

Great article from
Modern Materials Handling

“From a training standpoint, there is a very serious future in getting an operator very familiar with the operation of the equipment and environment well before they ever interact with real product, people and materials” – Hyster on VR training

<mark>Reach Truck Simulator Video</mark>

Reach Truck Simulator Video

Our new Stand up Reach Truck Simulator being tested and approved.

Check out the video on our
RT product page for more details.

<mark>June 2017 Roadshow</mark>

June 2017 Roadshow

  • Charlotte, North Carolina – June 15th
  • Memphis, Tennessee – June 20th
  • Evansville, Indiana – June 21st
  • Columbus, Ohio – June 26th
  • Providence, Rhode Island – June 27th
  • New Jersey Area – June 29th
<mark>VR Reach Truck launched at ProMAT</mark>

VR Reach Truck launched at ProMAT

Our newest model – the worlds first VR reach truck simulator – was well received at the ProMAT show in Chicago. Thank you all for visiting our booth, you rock!

<mark>LogiMAT 2017</mark>

LogiMAT 2017

Looking back at a successful week at the LogiMAT show in  Stuttgart, Germany.
Lot’s of interesting and innovative products here. Our Simulators fit right in.

<mark>Jaguar-Land Rover</mark>

Jaguar-Land Rover

DHL, who takes care of Jaguar and Land Rover’s supply chain in the UK, asked us to demo our units to their forklift operators.
We can honestly say that DHL loves the Forklift-Simulator!

<mark>US Air Force</mark>

US Air Force

We are very proud to say that the US Air Force is using our Forklift-Simulators to train forklift drivers from all over the world!

<mark>Double Forks</mark>

Double Forks

Nestlé Waters asked us to recreate their facility in VR to train their drivers using the double forks attachment.

<mark>Demo at KamTek</mark>

Demo at KamTek

Interesting demo at KamTek’s facility in Birmingham, Alabama.

<mark>New Curriculum</mark>

New Curriculum

The new software was released featuring a curriculum that includes 10 different levels and 40 exercises based upon the world’s best forklift training practices.

<mark>Big one for Hyster</mark>

Big one for Hyster

We turned a real forklift truck into a VR simulator for Hyster-Yale.
Also shown at the Modex2016 show in Atlanta. Stand in line please…

<mark>Modex 2016</mark>

Modex 2016

Attending the Modex 2016 show in Atlanta.
Our newest model, featuring brand new software, is a huge success!

<mark>DHL Singapore</mark>

DHL Singapore

Training DHL’s disaster response team on how to operate a forklift in Singapore.
DHL placed units in their Innovation Centers in Germany and Singapore.

<mark>Innovation Award</mark>

Innovation Award

Winning MHI’s  ‘Best New Innovation Award’ at ProMAT 2015 in Chicago!

<mark>ProMAT 2015</mark>

ProMAT 2015

The prototype of the next model is presented at the ProMAT show in Chicago.



The prototypes are thoroughly tested traveling through Europe from one event to another.


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