The Forklift Simulator

The 360° solution for

driver training,

screening, safety

and productivity

Play hard - Work smart

The benefits of simulated training

Forklifts still cause many accidents and damage on the work floor.
Today’s logistics environment is fast paced and leaves little room for error.

The simulator offers training programs with standardized exercises that are engaging and motivational for all staff.
Repetitive practice of common incident situations will increase skills and safety awareness resulting in less damage.

Customization and data tracking make it possible to develop specific ROI programs tailored to your needs (e.g. screening, team training, interaction with robots, flow efficiency…).

Tested and applied by world leading companies!


Use of original OEM parts
– it drives like a real truck –


The latest in VR technology replicates
all physical interactions in a real life setting.


Easy access to important data.
Track user behavior and optimize workflow.

Forklift Simulator videos


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