Our Simulators

We offer a full range of simulators to reflect the most commonly used forklifts. We partner with the industry leading brands to equip all simulators with actual OEM controls to create the most effective training environment.

Side Stance

Reach Truck

Mostly used inside high-rise warehousing. Harder to learn to operate so simulator training makes even more sense. The reach truck is a very common forklift truck in the United States.

Sit Down

Counterbalance Forklift

The first and most commonly used type of forklift. Exercises can replicate in and outside use cases and various specific attachments.

Man Up

Order Picker

With the rise of e-commerce there's a huge demand for order pickers. There is no better tool to quickly assess operator skills when you're staffing up for holiday season.

Stand up

Counterbalance Forklift

Stand-up counterbalance truck widely used in production environments in the US. Control set-up is similar to reach-truck so both can be simulated on same unit.

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