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As close to
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Custom Content

Custom trucks and attachments
Custom environments and loads
Create your own content for optimized training


Your environment is special in its own specific way.  No problem!  We can recreate your work floor, dangerous locations, specific loads, or specific lessons on request.  Trucks can be appropriate for the tasks you perform every day.  A variety of fork attachments are available or can be created to your specification.  Specific use-case programs, such as pedestrian safety training or skill tune-ups are just a phone call away.

Do you have a special application that is not covered in our standard courses?
Contact us and we can create your own custom VR training and assessment tool.

Custom Software

How do we start?


Exploratory conversation to understand your needs


Gather information and optional onsite visit


Design proposal, approval and development


Fine tuning and upload new content to simulator(s)

Custom Content


Need more info ?

Contact us and we’ll answer any questions you might have.